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 What’s a Coach?

I don’t know; only you know.  But it’s definitely in vogue in 2017 to have a coach.   Sounds cool to have a coach.  Doesn’t it?

Did I grow up and want to be a business coach?  Nope.  

When did I know I was a coach?  The first time a client hired me 4 years ago (after I sold my 3rd company) and offered to pay me money for my smarts.  Since then, I have loved every minute of working with clients (from start-up entrepreneurs to public companies). 

Is this therapy?   You bet it is.  It’s business therapy.  I’ve had a business coach for over 26 years since I started my first company at the age of 24. 

- My coaching is NOT theory.  I have real-life experience; I have been in your shoes.  I get you (even without meeting you yet).  

- I coach because I want to!  Can you replace the word “coach” with “consultant”.  Go ahead.  However, most consultants couldn’t get a job and thus, became “a consultant.”  I’m sure you know some of these people (of course, this is not everybody).

- I genuinely love working with business owners, entrepreneurs, sales managers and salespeople.  And I know I can help you.  

- As your coach, you still have to do most of the work.  But, I will be there to offer that  special “aha”  and nugget of advice to help you see a different perspective to propel your business.   Plus I will hold you accountable (I’m sorry but I have to!)

- I’ve been part of several groups (Young Presidents Organization, TEC/Vistage, The Strategic Forum,  Tiger21, The InnerCircle) plus had many private coaches and I’ve taken the best of the best strategies and experiences to become the coach I am today. 

My expertise is coaching in 3 areas – (if not one of them, I can probably refer you to a friend of mine):

1) CEO / Executive Management Coaching
- working with the CEO/President to challenge you and be your resource; I’ve started and sold 3 companies – 2 of which I had no partners.   It was lonely.  I had nobody really to speak with.  Yes, I had a devoted wife who wanted to listen, learn and help (and with no disrespect to Jill whom I’ve been married to for 24 years) to get objective feedback; I had friends (but why bother them with “my shit” only to start hearing rumors about me in my local town how my business was failing).  Let me be your confidant to help you with your personal and professional journey. 

2) Sales Manager / Sales People Coaching
- Sales Managers / Salespeople – at my core, I’m a salesperson and a sales manager.  Forget being the CEO of the company, I love sales; I respect salespeople and sales managers and an obvious statement, without sales, there is no revenue.  With no revenue, there is no eventually no company.  Let me work with your sales management team and your sales personnel to experience hyper sales growth!

3) Sales Technology Systems 
- Technology Systems -  Are you using technology to grow your top line revenue?  To be more efficient?  To be more profitable?  If not, you are losing market-share and you are too naïve to realize that your company will be in big trouble within the coming years.  I had no idea how to use technology.  I’m the worst.  My VCR is still blinking.  However, I learned (even though honestly I didn’t want to); today, I am experiencing scalable results for my own company plus helping many organizations use technology to grow sales  that are scalable and deliver results. 

How much is it going to cost you to stay where you're at and not achieve your personal and financial goals? How long are you willing to keep leaving money on the table?  It can be a hard reality to accept that you may not be able to get there on your own.  Only the strong survive in business and you don't have to continue doing it alone!

Interested in learning more and setting up a 15-minute exploratory strategy session by phone, simply call my office at 561-988-8300!  Read my bios, grill me, ask me any question and we can collectively determine if we are the right fit for each other. 
My business path is that of going from big corporate America to becoming an entrepreneur and independent business owner. 

Following college, I worked as an Investment Banker at Lehman Brothers in the Corporate Finance/Mergers & Acquisitions Group and specialized in transactions ranging from $250MM-$500MM.  Although working 80-100 hours, I didn’t feel vested in the deals and this wasn’t what I wanted in my professional life.  I deferred business school and decided to leave my fast-paced, well-paying position to start up a 1-person business; friends would say “what are you thinking?”  From my tiny New York apartment while still working on Wall Street, I created “Spectoculars”, a paper folding binocular; in 1991, I received a NFL license and sold 250,000 pairs that were distributed at Super Bowl XXX.  Welcome to entrepreneurship!
Fast forward several years, I co-founded Charge Card Systems Inc., a national credit card processing company that helped merchants with their processing requirements including the acceptance of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  The company grew to over 700 sales agents with 3 regional offices.  In 2012, we sold the business to Card Connect their largest acquisition at that time; in 2016, the company went public on the NASDAQ at a $440MM valuation.
I now own and operate 3 businesses which combine all of my passions  (1) LexCharge - a merchant services company specializing in payment processing for law firms;  (2) ClickIt Golf Inc. – a website that reaches over 1MM golfers annually to book discounted tee times and receive other golf services;  (3) TrafficJamming which has many products and services to help the entrepreneur and independent business executive grow their companies.   

In addition to family, work and golf, I enjoy writing books.   My first book “Size Doesn’t Matter – Why Small Business is BIG Business” hit #1 on amazon in the entrepreneur and business management categories.   Subsequently, I am now represented by a publishing company and have written 6 other business books; however, I am most proud of the book I co-authored with my17-year daughter called “Mom & Dad – I Promise I’ll Get Into College” which also became an amazon bestseller and shares the perspectives of a high school student and her dad on the college application process.

With my eclectic business background, I have fun sharing my story and speaking at many national conferences, industry specific events, universities and entrepreneurial groups. 

I graduated from Tufts University and spent one semester at the London School of Economics specializing in finance.  Charity and philanthropy are very important in our family and I love my Young Presidents’ Organization group and our regional board involvement with the Israeli Tennis Foundation.  I am married, 2 daughters, 1 son and 2 dogs (not sure why we got the 2nd dog even though I love him).   Besides family, health, and worldwide peace, my selfish goal is to play the 100 top golf courses in the USA!
“I meet tens of thousands of people per year. I travel over 300 days per year. I barely can remember a person one hour after meeting them because of my hectic schedule. Jeff stood out. We immediately created a friendship. Although I’m almost 20 years his senior, I’ve learned so much from him. I love his energy and his perspective on business and life. Excited that we co-authored our first book together, “Sales On The Fast Track” and can’t wait to do book two together. BAM!”
Jack Daly, President
“Finally, an expert that provides real practical sales advice for entrepreneurs from someone
who’s ‘been there, done that’. Jeff Shavitz provides valuable insights to help people
evaluate whether they’re cut out to be a small business owner, and what it takes to be successful
in the sales games. Jeff has a personality and program to “cut through the bull’, no nonsense step-by-step
guide to planning your small business growth.  
 I would highly recommend this book to anyone running a small business or considering doing so.
Shavitz just may be the inspiration and guide all small business owners need.”
Jonathan Silver, CEO, Affinity Solutions Inc.
“I have personally known Jeff for years and I appreciate  the  combination of the TrafficJamming features,
technology services, and educational content have all helped my business on many levels.
Having a resource like TJ is like having a business coach 24/7/365 days.   I also greatly enjoy
and await reading his monthly books on various business issues which pushes
me to think differently and creatively about my own company.”
Laura Kennedy, CEO, LauraKennedyLive, LLC
“Being a member of TrafficJamming has helped my business in many ways.  There’s nothing better
than learning from the real life experiences of other entrepreneurs.  There are many great TJ benefits
but I love the Resource Center; I visit it monthly for content that is relevant to my business;
 is not Jack Welch telling us about running one of the biggest companies in the world.  
It’s a combination of small and mid-size business owners sharing their stories on lots of great
topics that I deal with on a daily business.”
Brad Friedman, President, The Friedman Group, LLC
“Working with Shavitz is a must.   As a yoga instructor, I consider myself an entrepreneur~
a manager of a small business… the business of yoga. I found layers of inspiration working with Jeff.   
His personality and easy to follow program work.  It’s that simple.”
Cathy Rosenberg, Owner, Yoga Instructor
“Jeff Shavitz’s book are a helpful asset for any  business owner.  His many insights into the business world will resinate on some level with every reader.  The direction he provides is clear and can apply to many facets of your growing business.“
Bruce Turkel – Turkel Brands, Best Selling Author, & Speaker & TV Branding Commentator for Fox & CNN
"Jeff and I met initially years ago through our Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Business Group.  He is a quality person, close friend and has a unique approach to understanding the mindset for helping the entrepreneur and independent business owner.  His books are thought-provoking, instructive and many times quite humorous and helped me think of my business plan for the coming year."
John Dunlap, CEO, Jungle Island
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